about us

KARA SAFETY LIMITED was established in 2006.

We always look on the focus of safety that our society demands and always think SAFETY can change our life. It can make our life much better or even worse.

Therefore, KARE SAFETY LIMITED would like to transfer our safety inspects to the world through providing our following deals:

Military Forces: Supplying full-package to meet the needs of ground forces from personal gear for the soldier to equipment and platforms for the platoon & unit.

Riot Control: Supplying full range of products from gear for the riot control officers to specialty items for entire units.

Ballistics: Supplying ballistics plates, body armor, ballistic helmets, complying with the highest international standard.

Civilians: Supplying extream conditions Coveralls, Dust goggles, Masks, Fire fighting suits and other security control equipments.

We are keeping safety and trust as our principle and procure new tech, new material,  new workmanship to produce much better products to protect our good life.

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