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PROTECTIVE VEST (Bulletproof Vest)

The ballistic vest is flexible and gives good wearing comfort.

It is not affected by water and therefore needs no special protection from rain.

Due to the high sonic velocity within the fiber, the impact energy is dissipated very rapidly

over a large area.

This results in a low blunt trauma, the indentation on the inside

surface side of the vest. Blunt trauma is the impact of the bullet on

your body even when there is no penetration, and it can be


Our bulletproof jacket strictly carries out U.S.A. NIJ standard 0101.04.

(This is usually the highest threat level in soft body armor).

Our vests are tested in accordance with the testing data conforms NIJ0101.04 IIIA.

And the vest offers protection against all threats such as .44Magnum Lead SWC

Gas Checked, 9mm FMJ, and 9× 19mm submachine/carbine velocities.

The bulletproof vest can resist effectively the shooting of caliber 7.62×25mm shot, weighing 5.5g with a ballistic velocity 450m/s.

Item no: KR-304


Weight: 2.0 to 2.2 kg

Soft Ballistic Material: UDPE

Outer Cover Material available: Polyester, Cotton or Light Cordura

Price (FOB): Based on the Quantity, size and level.


PROTECT AREA 0.3 0.32 0.34 0.36



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