Tonfa-Riot Baton

Shelf Time:2019-11-01
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Product Type:Anti-Riot Equipment
Product Price:USD6.00

Product Description

General Description

The tonfa is designed for professional use by police forces and security agencies.

The tonfa is made of high resistant polypropylene and has many improved features,

which increase certitude of the policeman at self-defense (quality of holding, firmness,


Available both in a classical round tonfa and with a special flat surface protecting the

hand against a strike and at self-defense it spreads hitting power to a larger area.

Types of Different Material:

1.Material: ABS  ----Weight: 545g per unit

2.Material: PC    ---- Weight: 550g per unit

3.Total length: 60 cm

4.Side handel: 14 cm

5.handle length: 14.5 cm

6.Diameter: 3.1cm

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