High-Voltage Electric Baton

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Product Type:Anti-Riots Equipment
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Product Description

The Model KR-89 High Voltage Electric Baton

1)Adopts large capacity lithium ceel, which illumination discharge time is two times longer;

2)Adopt high frequency oscillation circuit which increases the output current,large capacity DC discharge with large output;

3)Adopt ultra-bright LED light with long time illumination;

4)Unique shape and excellent design,which is ideal product for home,outdoors and self-defence.


Operation Instruction

I)Before application of consumers,it should be charged with the equipped built-in charger for 10-12 hours. (Method:insert the charge output terminal into socket, connect with power source, not the red indication light on the charger is on, which means normal Charging. When the red light turns to green light,it means charging was finished.


2)Promoting the third out of first gear lighting, pushed to the second intermediate indicator light, press the red button in front of electric shock.


Main Technique Parameter

I)Input voltage: 7.4

2)Power dissipation current3A

3)Output voltage: over 300KV

4)Weight: 600g

5)Dimension: length 460mm X diameter 35mm

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